3 mini wireless keyboards arrived at W2COMP – RII mini i8, MWK01 and MWK10

Updated on 29-May. This month we have 3 models of mini wireless keyboards from RII, they are RII mini i8, MWK01 and MWK10. All of them can support wide range of digital consumer products like PC / Laptop / HD Media Player / Android Tablet / Android TV Box / PS3 / Xbox 360, etc.

MWK01 comes with traditional design and built-in laser pointer. Price only USD39.99 with free ship!

MWK10 comes with curve shape with light design and built-in laser pointer. Price only USD34.99 with free ship!

Mini I8 comes with an ergonomic design for comfortable use, and comes with 92 keys including shortcut keys and an integrated touchpad, plus scroll wheel function, with a removable rechargeable battery (810mAH). Price only USD36.99 with free ship!

To know more details, please read:

MWK01: http://www.w2comp.com/detail.asp?catid=73150&Pdtid=616035
MWK10: http://www.w2comp.com/detail.asp?catid=73150&pdtid=616190
Mini i8: http://www.w2comp.com/detail.asp?catid=73150&Pdtid=616202

Marketing Team,

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