How to upgrade firmware on Flycast MK809 III

Product details of Flycast MK809 III: Please check here.

If your MK809 III has following issues, please solve these issues by recovery/update methods.

  1. If you need update to the latest firmware,
  2. After boot, there is no signal;
  3. There is only boot screen;
  4. System running very slow, crashing;
  5. Can’t find the wireless network equipment, or can’t connect wireless;
  6. When installation apps, player loss power unexpected and cant boot up.
  7. TF card update failed and can’t boot again etc.

Recovery/ Update procedure:

A. Preparation and please download:

A1. Recovery tool: (extract password:

A2. Recovery firmware: Please find and download on “Support & Download” tab of the MK809 III here. (extract and get the .img file.)

After download all files above, then decompress the file “” and open image001, you can see the screen as below, then add the .img file.

B. Connect MK809 III with computer

B1. Prepare a thin metal stick (or Paper clip). Press the recover button of MK809 III and don’t loose the stick. Then you can connect MK809 III and computer by using micro USB cable (OTG port of MK809 III to USB port of computer).image004


B2. After 3-5 seconds then you can loose the stick.

B3. It will show you a dialogue box on your computer screen (Windows XP), it requires to install the new driver as below:


(B3.1) Press “next”


(B3.2) Choose the options “Search for the best driver in these locations” as picture display, then click “Browse”, find out “Driver”, then click “next” to install.


(B3.3) After finished installation, then press “finish” as below:


(B3.4) After installation, the “connect device” icon on the “batchtool” will changed to blue, as below:


(B3.5) Then Click “update” for recovery, as below .


(B3.6) This procedure will take around 3 minutes, please be patient!
* Do NOT unplug USB cable during recovery/upgrade!


(3.7) When this prompt window appears, then means recovery is successful, pull out USB cable, then total process is finished.


  1. You only need to install the driver on the PC at the first time for firmware recovery / update.
  2. For first running of MK809 III after firmware recovery / update, it takes longer time for starting Android (around 5 minutes), and it become normal afterwards / next bootup, please don’t worry about that.



Support Team,

One thought on “How to upgrade firmware on Flycast MK809 III

  1. I have a mk809iii.
    I´ve been using it for more than 1 year and 3 days ago it began to work very slow.
    I presse power off and get like no running.
    I disconnected and aconnected again and it gets into de boot image (android logo) and doesn´t work.
    I´ve tried to make a recover but when i conect to the PC it always have the same response: “the divice is not recognise”.
    Please could you help me. What can I do.I´ve tried in al the USB ports and in other PC but shows the same.
    Thank you.


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