"W2COMP YOU" – Offer you MAX 50% cash back!

Dear all our valued customers,

Thank you for all your purchase and support on W2COMP.com. Today we would like to launch “W2COMP YOU” campaign to offer all of you maximum 50% cash refund as a token of thanks.

“W2COMP YOU” Campaign
You need to take a video for reviewing or unboxing of any products purchased on W2COMP.com. And you can upload / public to youtube and share the video on Facebook.

The offer
A. With maximum 50% cash back* of any products,
– Product review / unboxing video
– At least 5 mins
– with “W2COMP” wording on video title and product link on description.
– Offer 20% to 50% cash refund* depending on the video quality from our internal evaluators. 

B. With 10% cash back*:
– You need to do a unboxing / review video and upload to Youtube. The Video must be public and the length is at least 3 mins.
C. Get extra $1 cash back* (require to do A or B)
– If you can share the video link to your facebook account then you will be offered a $1 USD cash dollor.

* Cash refund only for the first piece if you purchase more than one piece. 

How to submit your video?
1. Upload the video to your Youtube account and send us the web address (URL).
2. For facebook video upload, you only need to share the link on the wall of your Facebook. Then you can send us your facebook link.
3. Our email is marketing@w2comp.com

– This campaign is only for all purchased orders after 1-Jun-2013 on W2COMP.com (Our ebay store is not included).
– You must upload the video within 2 months from purchase date.
– This campaign will be valid till 31-DEC-2013, don’t miss it!

Please visit: www.w2comp.com

Marketing Team,

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