Firmware Upgrade Method for RK3066 / RK3188 TV BOX (MK802 IIIS / MK802 IV / MK809 III / MK902 / NEO X5 / NEO X5 MINI / NEO X7 / NEO X7 MINI / PROBOX2 ULTIMATE)


Download the firmware and upgrade tool as below:

A. Latest firmware

B. Upgrade tool
Rockchip-upgrade-tool (extract password:


A. Installation of USB driver on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.

A1. Press and hold “Restore” button*, then connect the USB cable to your computer.
Release the button after 3-5 seconds. (For Android TV BOX like NEO X5 / NEO X5 MINI / NEO X7 / NEO X7 MINI / MK902, it requires to plug with power adapter!)

A2. Go to device manager in Windows as below. Find “Unknown device” icon under other devices.
Right click and select update driver software.

A3. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.

A4. Select “Show All Devices”, click next.

A5. Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”

A6. Select “Browse” and choose the driver
(inside “RK3188-firmware-upgrade-tool-W2COMP” folder)

For example:
If you are using following OS, then please select appropriate driver as below:

Windows XP, please select RK3188-firmware-upgrade-tool-W2COMP\RockusbDriver\x86\xp\
Windows 7 (32bit), please select RK3188-firmware-upgrade-tool-W2COMP\RockusbDriver\x86\win7\
Windows 7 (64bit), please select RK3188-firmware-upgrade-tool-W2COMP\RockusbDriver\ amd64\win7\

A7. Select “Install this driver software anyway”.


A8. Then you can close the dialogue box after successful installation.

B. Firmware Upgrade / Recovery
B1. Turn on rockchip-tool (inside “RK3188-firmware-upgrade-tool-W2COMP” folder).
There is a green color box on “Connected Devices” it indicates that you have connected with your TV BOX / TV Stick. Then select the firmware “.img” file as below:



B2. Press “Upgrade to update the new firmware. It should take around 3 minutes, please do not unplug the TV BOX / TV Stick during updating.



B3. After upgraded, it will be disconnected automatically as below, then you can unplug it.




* Restore button of T518 is “FN” button, PROBOX2 Ultimate is “U” button.

1. You only need to install the driver on the PC at the first time for firmware recovery / update.

2. For first running of TV BOX / TV Stick after firmware recovery / update, it takes longer time for starting Android (around 5 minutes), and it become normal afterwards / next bootup, please don’t worry about that.

9 thoughts on “Firmware Upgrade Method for RK3066 / RK3188 TV BOX (MK802 IIIS / MK802 IV / MK809 III / MK902 / NEO X5 / NEO X5 MINI / NEO X7 / NEO X7 MINI / PROBOX2 ULTIMATE)

  1. i am new on this task. just bought an beelink i68, can you please explain the instruction “A1. Press and hold “Restore” button*, . where is the restore button on the box? do you mean the reset button? If yes, for me doesnt work. By the way thank you for sharing


  2. Sorry for my very stupid question, which usb port do I need to use for connection to my PC? I tried usb micro without success, I haven’t a male-male usb cable.


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  4. Hi…
    My rk3188 is not booting instead displaying dead Andy with red triangle & explanatory Mark WITH
    I have Windows 10 unable to download drivers to check the device.
    Please help.


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