Himedia Q5 II will be available on 10-Sep, first Android box to be capable of full 7.1 HD-Audio downmix / passthrough and 3D BD-ISO playback!

Updated on 23-Aug. Himedia they will launch international version of Q5 II on next month (10-Sep). We now accept pre-order! 

The Himedia Q5 II is the first Android box to be capable of full 7.1 HD-Audio downmix/passthrough and 3D BD-ISO playback. HiMedia build on their Media Player heritage to produce an Android box with the emphasis firmly on media file format support, performance, and image quality.

Specialist HiSilicon Chipset Unlike almost all other Android boxes which use chipsets primarily intended for tablets, the HiMedia Q5 II uses a dual-core HiSilicon chipset developed specifically for media playback. This results in wider format support, better video playback performance, and great image quality on your TV / projector.

Full HD-Audio Support Downmix and passthrough are fully supported for the 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA lossless HD-Audio formats. All other HD-Audio formats (i.e. 5.1 channel DTS / Dolby Digital) are similarly supported for both downmix and passthrough. No other Android based Media Player supports 7.1 channel HD-Audio passthrough.

BD-ISO and 3D BD-ISO BD rips in BDMV format and ISO are supported for playback. 3D BD-ISO rips are supported. Subtitles in BD rips are supported. All BD support is via custom BD-Lite menus, not the original disc menu. No other Android based Media Player offers BD-ISO or 3D BD-ISO support.

Comprehensive AV Output Video outputs are HDMI and composite. Audio output is comprehensively covered by HDMI, TOSLINK, and coaxial digital.
Great Storage Connectivity Attaching storage devices is made easy by 3x USB ports, an SD card port, and a external full SATA port. The full SATA port is great for pros as it lets you attach relatively cheap large capacity internal drives externally.

For more details of Q5-II, please read:


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