Aircast T516 Miracast, DLNA, Airplay, Android / Windows Mirror screen HDMI dongle, Chromecast Alternative


Model Aircast T516
Dimension 91.8 * 28.7 * 11.9mm
Net Weight <40g
Material Plastic
CPU EG3110
Memory DDR 256M
Nand Flash NAND 128M
Main protocol DLNA
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (Built-in Realtek 8188ETV Wi-Fi Module)
Supported format Audio: MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG/AAC/FLAC/3GP…
Supported OS Android: Android2.3 or upper
iOS: iPhone3 or upper
Windows: Windows2000/XP/7/8…
Mac: Mac10.7

1. Aircast T516 is used for streaming video, audio, photo, game, MS office document from smart phone, tablet PC / ipad, notebook and display on TV, projector, etc. It work based on wireless, so don’t worry about cable problems.
2. The world’s first Wi-Fi air cast with external antenna, support ultra strong signal transmission.
3. Support pushing 1080p picture and mirror within 10meters.
4. Support Miracast, DLNA/Airplay. Through Wi-Fi, T516 can push local and internet media video and audio.
5. Support Windows/Android source device mirror.
6. Built-in Wi-Fi module.
7. Lightweight and portable design.
8. T516 applicable to monitors with HDMI port, e.g. TV, projector.

Marketing Team,

21 thoughts on “Aircast T516 Miracast, DLNA, Airplay, Android / Windows Mirror screen HDMI dongle, Chromecast Alternative

  1. Can't connect from Windows 8.1 surface pro Can Mirracast from Galaxy S4 no problems. Windows 8.1 sees the device “lollipop…” but fails to connect. Does not prompt for password or anything, does not indicate on TV…establishing connection like it does with S4…Does it work with Win8.1 Mirracast?


  2. Hi,
    I recently bought this product but I haven't been able to get AirPlay mirroring to work. I can open Photos App on iPhone and stream my photos and videos to the product from there in DLNA mode. But AirPlay mirroring is not working. Is it supported? If not, will it be possible in the future?



  3. hi, I just bought this t516 dongle and I cannot connect it to my wifi router at home! a linksys e2000! at my work i have connected it and now after I scan from the web menu I input the password and nothing! the list of saved access points is empty! the wifi signal is 4 stars – very strong! what seems to be the problem?


  4. Hello all! I received Aircast T516s yesterday, but it doesn't work with windows 8.1.
    I tried to follow the upgrade guide. The driver is ok, Windows 8.1 can install it and recognize the aircast as Rockusb Device, but when I go for upgrade the firmware there is the problem!
    The bottom doesn't become green, so if I try to upgrade, the sistem says: “This operation didn't do, because of no device”. No device??? But if I click Fn on the aircast & the sistem will be recognize the rockusb device!
    How can I solve this problem? Please, help me!


  5. This is a good product. However, i have a little bit laggy issue, maybe because the file is big (1gb movie), pushed through miracast support. The laggy comes when i started the movie, and it will become normal in some time. But if i move my device slightly from current position, the lag appears a little like it adjusted the connection again.
    I dont know if this one will be fixed by software, or is it a hardware problem, but so far this issue is not bad for me. So im ok with this product.

    Another pain is, the hdmi cable seems a cheap quality. The pics black when connect it via hdmi cable, so i connect the t516 directly to my tv hdmi port to avoid the bad hdmi cable


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