Smartwatch catagory is now available on W2COMP, first product is SmartQ Z Watch for Android smartphone

Updated on 12-NOV. Smartwatch seems to be focused in the electronic consumer market after Samsung launched their first smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Gear. Smartwatch is a perfect match for your Android smartphone. You can only connect them over Bluetooth and by installing the smartwatch apps on your smartphone. If you are a busy communicator, you will appreciate being on top of everything. If you like to get out running, you can use Smartwatch as your timer / phone remote / mp3 player. If it rains, you can keep on going due to it is waterproof. If you get a SMS / IM message then you can read it on watch instead of taking out and turning on your phone. Take it anywhere.

SmartQ they release their first smartwatch which is called SmartQ Z watch. It has great looks and great specs as below:

OS: Based on Android 4.3

CPU: Ingenic JZ4775 1.0GHz

RAM: 512MB Mobile DDR


Display: 1.54-inch TFT LCD (240×240)

Connectivity: Wifi b/g/n / Bluetooth 4.0 / USB 2.0

Sensors: motion sensor, pedometer

Earphone Port: 3.5mm

Language: English, Simplified / Traditional Chinese, French

Battery: 300mAH (5V), standby time 18.000 hours (up to 12 days)

Dimentions: 49.9mm x 38.5mm x 12.2mm

Weight: 42.5g

There are many apps and features built-in on Z watch as below:

List of current apps and features:

Voice assistant (Chinese).

Alarm (vibration alert).

Calender (syncs data from your phone).

Call log (syncs data from your phone).

CoFit exercise app, uses pedometer function to track your movements.

Contacts (syncs data from your phone).

Messages (syncs data from your phone). Reply SMS messages from smartwatch with short preset messages.

Music player app (4GB of storage).

Recorder app.

RemoteCamera app lets you control your phones cam, take photo, switch to front / rear camera, live camera preview on smartwatch.

Setting app.

SleepAnalysis app.

Weather app.

WeChat app.

Automatic screen on via motion sensor

Start call on phone from SMS messages

Water proof

For more details of SmartQ Z watch or buy it directly, you can read here.

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2 thoughts on “Smartwatch catagory is now available on W2COMP, first product is SmartQ Z Watch for Android smartphone

  1. A USA Reseller of the SmartQ Z-Watch is TabletSprint — and they add in some premium earphones since the watch doesn't come with any — they're also the only reseller so far that provides a full user guide in English – all others are in Mandarin — not very helpful a lot of people have pointed out.


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