PW305 Smart Watch – New Bluetooth Remote Control Smart Gear Watch For Samsung & Android Phone

Updated on 15-Mar. PW305 Smart Watch – New Bluetooth Remote Control Smart Gear Watch For Samsung & Android Phone is now available on W2COMP.

Video Demonstration by W2COMP (Updated on 25-Mar-2014)


PW305 Smart Watch is a “real” smartwatch, NOT a phone dialer / cell phone watch. It can work on any Android smartphones.

The main features as below:

• Voice communication, dial calls: When the call is coming, the smart watch will remind you by vibrating or ringing. From smart watch you can answer any calls or dial any number.
• Message management: When SMS message comes, the smart watch will notify you to receive message by vibrating. You can read, write and send SMS directly on the watch.
• Professional pedometer: Smart watch integrated pedometer that can accurately calculate your steps. It keeps the last 5 times of sport record, shows the calorie, the distance, time and speed.
• Notice of Facebook, Twitter WeChat and QQ: When there is any instant message, the watch can show the content of the message and see who it comes from.
• Avoid phone lost: When your phone is more than 7-10 meters away from you, the smart watch will alert you automatically through vibration.
• Find your phone: When you can’t find your phone, the smart watch will make your phone ring automatically.
• Weather synchronization: Synchronize the weather and you can get the latest weather information of your city.
• Sync phone book: Synchronize phonebook with your mobile phone, you can call any persons directly through your watch.
• Camera remote control: Control your phone’s camera (take photos, preview live camera on your smart watch).
• Alarm clock, Calendar, Stopwatch, etc.

For more details of PW305 Smart Watch, please read here.

Note: Manufacturer they changed the model number from “W2” to “PW305”.


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