MBOX S82B Amlogic S802B QuadCore Cortex-A9 Android 4.4 TV Box, 8G/16G, Wi-Fi, HDMI 4K, Dolby, DTS

Updated on 19-May-2014:

Starting from 19-May-2014, MBOX-S82 will be replaced by MBOX-S82B which change from AMLogic S802 to AMLogic S802B chipset.

S802B support hardware decoding Dolby and DTS, which means no matter which video player you use, it will always have sound.

For MBOX-S82, you can still play dolby and dts with sound by using XBMC.

There are 2 versions, 8Gb and 16Gb storage version, 16Gb version comes with Dual band WIFI (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz).

MBOX-S82B Box comes with powerful features and built-in Android OS (version 4.4)


• MBOX-S82B feature Amlogic’s new S802B quad core processor (AML8726), running 1.6 -2Ghz and Android 4.4. It is equipped with 2GB DDR3, 8GB ROM, 10/100M LAN, 802.11b/g/n WIFI network.
• Support UHD 4k x 2K video playback

• Dolby & DTS hardward decode S802B version!!!

• RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/100Mbps)

• Wireless network card (WIFI) with internal antenna.

• There’s also a microSDHC card slot for extra storage, a HDMI port for connecting an external display, 2 x USB2.0 ports for a keyboard / mouse, or other accessory.

• MBOX-S82B also comes with the Google Play store pre-installed, so you won’t have to worry about installing it at a later date.

• DLNA / AirPlay supported, Share your smart phone’s (Android phone & iPhone) media files(video/photo/music)to TV screen.

• Optimization for XBMC to more popular streaming channel.

• Integrated with HD Media Player User Interface, it can act as a Media Player / Android Mini PC.

Model MBOX-S82B (Original of Tronsmart S89 / Jesurun S82 / Beelink S82 / Measy B4A, BUT BOX-S82B comes with Dolby & DTS decode! )
Material Plastic
CPU / GPU Amlogic S802B Quad Core Cortex A9
Octo-core Mali-450MP GPU
Operation System Android 4.4 Kitkat
Memory DDR3 2GB
Nand Flash 8GB / 16GB (2 storage versions!)
Android Market Yes
Youtube / Flash Yes, Support Adobe Flash 11.1
Video Support AVI, RMVB, MKV& FLV Video Format, Support 1080P / 4K HD Playback
Skype Yes, but this device does not built-in microphone / camera.
HDMI Interface Yes, it can support following HDMI output mode:
– 480I / 480P
– 580I / 580P
– 720P (50Hz / 60Hz)
– 1080i (50Hz / 60Hz)
– 1080P (50Hz / 60Hz)
– 2K (24Hz / 25Hz / 30Hz / SMPTE)
Email and Browser Yes, built in
WIFI Built-in 802.11 b/g/n, USB 3G dongle support (not included)
Bluetooth Built-in Bluetooth v4.0
Power DC 5V, 3A adapter included.
Language Dutch, Indonesian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Roman, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish, Swahili, Vietnamese, Turkish, Zulu, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Bengali, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Other Applications Office, Browser, Gallery, Clock, Calculator, Calendar, Taskiller, Gmail, 4K player…
Extend Port 1 x HDMI port (HDMI v. 1.4b)
1 x 3.5mm to AV port
1 x RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/100Mbps)
1 x MicroSD (TF) Card Slot
1 x DC power port
1 x micro USB port (OTG)
2 x USB 2.0 Host port (for wired / 2.4G wireless keyboard, mouse, hand grip, etc)
IR receiver (built-in, remote included)
Remote controller 1 x IR wireless Remote controller

For more details, please read:


50 thoughts on “MBOX S82B Amlogic S802B QuadCore Cortex-A9 Android 4.4 TV Box, 8G/16G, Wi-Fi, HDMI 4K, Dolby, DTS

  1. This mbox s82b, the cpu is advertised as 2ghz, but actually only runs at 1608mhz . 1.6ghz. And after its been on gor a while rhe cpu lowers to 1200mhz
    overall performance is not tgat great.


    • The maximum speed can reach to 2Ghz, usually it is lower for normal usage, when you play 3D games or run some apps that requires higher processing power then it will increase the speed. We have checked the maximum speed is around 1.6Ghz under the firmware optimization. We believe there is custom firmware that can boost the speed to 1.8 to 2Ghz but it may get overheat for long time operation.



  2. I have this tv box but unfortunately I couldn’t find the reset button so that I could make an firmware update. With the oncoming gotham 13.1 xmbc program it is somehow not able to show all the live broadcasts. there is audio but no video.


  3. Hi,
    Port AV of Mbox S82B is display but port HDMI is not display. Why? You can help me!
    I’m from Vietnam, i am OrderNo#.10345.
    Thank you!


  4. I Have this smartv box.
    Having a problem… I turn on the box and it show the “google tv” image and then goes “black” ,
    can’t get any more of it.
    Help please


  5. The BEELINK M8B is definitely a lemon. After opening my parcel,I tried to initialize XBMC. Midway during initializing, the machine died. “No signal” to tv. Tried with a new Hdmi cable, still no signal. So, seller asked me to send it for a refund. It costs me Usd 19 postage. AliExpress refunding me my purchase price only, and I stand to lose in foreign exchange. BEELINK M8B definitely SUCKS. BUYERS BEWARE !!

    Original complain to seller:
    “Midway initializing XBMC, the machine stopped working. I could not continue because no signal to the Tv. I bought a new Hdmi cable and tried again to initialize Hdmi. Still no signal to the Tv. I want to return this BEELINK tv box to exchange a working unit. Please provide a return address for this parcel.”


    • Dear Ritchie Tay,

      Next time you can purchase from us, we do testing on each shipment. If there is any problem and we are willing to resolve with buyer and there is 1 year warranty.



  6. Hi, I bought the MBOX and it is just awesome, but a friend of mine blew it up (possibly by inserting a 12V power source). The lead and ground measure 2 Ohm and attaching it to a 5V power supply triggers the short circuit. Is there a fuse (or another part) I can replace or is it dead? 😦
    (I am quite handy with electronics 🙂 )

    Thanks in advance


  7. I have had this box for a few months and it randomly stopped working. I have bought a new hdmi cord and it still says no connection. I would like this box to be replaced


  8. I Have S82b smartv box.
    Having a problem… I turn on the box and it does not show the “google tv” image as it used to, the light on the box goes blue and the tv screen is blank. Thje box will not turn off unless the power button is held for 10 seconds.
    Can someone help please?


  9. Hi I live in Argentina (I am translating the google translator). I have the android tv MBOX S82B and is excellent! congratulations.
    Originally had the firmware 104K4 and 107K4 did the upgrade to a file called “MBOX-S82B-firmware-W2COMP-20140715” but when I wanted to upgrade to the new v.111K4 with the “MBOX-S82-111K4-W2COMP” file fails and I have to go back to the previous version.
    What could be the problem? works for the S82B 111K4?
    Thank you very much.


  10. I’ve tried to install Moborobo again but your link above does not work, i get this:-

    404 Not Found

    Code: NoSuchKey
    Message: The specified key does not exist.
    Key: download/Client/Moborobo(Moborobo_En_official)
    RequestId: 0FE616BA4F00F0FD
    HostId: Ae2eKOeMF6B0dl3x0375t2KqM0G9+xC8/KcbrE6dMbCon7PDE7kAw6jOj5nhgNw7S7KKfv/c0WY=



  11. hi
    I need to return to the version MBOX-S82-111K4-W2COMP.zip

    follow all the steps, but I can not

    that way you can install without having to go through Moborobo, asking me a QR code and have no way to connect if the device has no camera.

    No way to insert the MBOX-S82-111K4-W2COMP.zip a recovery file. img on an SD card …?

    that way it is easier to find myself

    I hope you can help me




      • hello wilson thanks for your answer update the device to version 112k4 by the SD Card mode It is more comfortable than the previous method.

        I have 2 questions

        1 – need to return to the 109k version, you can download the SD card recovery by mode?

        2 – I need to clear the top notification bar, where the hour appears that way I can do that? I tried with some applications but I can not reproduce the application I need full screen.

        for some reason the application I’m using (http://www.digitalsignage.com/) will be better vercion 109k with 112k version behaves, videos after a while not played smoothly.

        I hope you can help me

        thank you very much

        > El 15-02-2015, a las 11:24, W2COMP Blog escribió: > >


      • hello wilson back to version achieves 111k4 with the .img file but I want to return to the version 109k4, but when I try to import the usb burner program, rejects me, says the file is faulty.

        you have a direction where I can download the file in good shape? I download from this address (http://www.bee-link.com/en/article.php?id=129)

        no matter if it is a .img, whether as perform the upgrade

        thanks for your help

        > El 15-02-2015, a las 11:24, W2COMP Blog escribió: > >


  12. Wilson
    thank you very much, the link 109k worked perfect.

    the google tv I’m using as digital signage, (http://www.digitalsignage.com)

    I need to leave full screen, hide the upper band, where notifications and time are displayed.
    You have some trick to do that?

    thank you very much


  13. Hello,
    I have used the Mbox with much pleasure, but recently it started shutting down randomly after about 7-10 minutes. When I start it back up again, the video I was playing will be paused at the point it was shut down so I can continue watching, but it is very annoying.
    I never intalled a new/other ROM, I only installed ES-file explorer and Kodi. The rest is as it came from the distributor.

    Please help me

    Kind regards,
    Emile Knottnerus


      • Unfortunately it is not the problem.
        I use my own power supply (very low ripple/noise, at 5.00Volt 3Amps). I did notice that the problem was not there anymore when i did a complete shutdown. I would however like to know how the problem occurred. I will keep monitoring it and log the power usage, RAM usage and running apps.

        Thanks for your reply


  14. Hi,
    I would like to know if there is a place to download the Adnroid 4.2 ROM.
    I would like to turn the S82B into a gaming coinsole but bluetooth controller cannot be connected on newer version so I need to downgrade.


  15. We just purchased the S82 and we are having problems streaming. It will begin a program and then 5 minutes into the program it stops. What should we do?


  16. Hi W2COMP,
    I’ve recently purchased a MBOX HEVC and would just like to ask you about something. When we first purchased, I could go into Genesis then go into Genre and there would be a Languages section, It has now disappeared off my menu list. Can you tell me why and if I can restore?? Thanks in advance.



    • Dear Sam,

      You can restore to factory mode, go to setting > Reset & Backup > Reset Mbox. But please note that this option will delete all your apps / data.



  17. Hi Wilson.
    I have brought this MBOX Hevc twice 😦
    Becuase when I attached it to my new TV Samsung it worked for about 3 to 5 minutes and died. I thought maybe I connected it with a wrong electrical adapter. So I brought the second one hoping that I did somting wrong, but by installing in proper again and carefully with his own cables it just stay on for that 3 and 5 minutes on and died again…!!! The box’s blue light nore the red light got on again.
    Please help…!!!


  18. I have this box that I purchased for a local dealer, and absolutely love it! However, I cannot reflash for my uupdate. When I hold down restore button, it won’t go passed first screen.


  19. i did a internet speed test on my s82 and can only get 2.5mb/s, not even enough to stream SD. I checked my laptop at the same time and am getting 26 mb/s. Is there a setting that i need to change?


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