Firmware Upgrade Method for PROBOX2 EX


Download the firmware and upgrade tool as below:

A. Latest firmware

B. Upgrade tool

  • Download here: S802-upgrade-tool
  • Extract
  • Run the EXE file (e.g. setup_v2.0.0.140306_Alpha_x86.exe) to install it.
  • After installed, USB_Burning_Tool will be shown on your desktop / start menu.

C. Download and install drivers (make sure that there is no drivers problem with your PC) from Moborobo, or here:

  • Make sure that Moborobo has been installed.


A. Launch USB_Burning_Tool as below:


B. You can change the language to English as below:


C. Click “File” and choose”Import image”, choose the .img file you just download.


D. Prepare a thin metal stick / paper clip, then press and hold the restore button*. Then press Power button at the same time. After 3-5 seconds USB_Burning_Tool will detect the USB device as below:


E. Click “Start” to start firmware upgrade, it should take around 4-8 mins and please do NOT power off / unplug PROBOX2 EX during firmware upgrade.


F. After finished firmware upgrade, it will auto disconnected. Now you can unplug it and connect to TV again.


* Restore button of  Probox2 EX which is inside the AV port hole.

Support Team,

27 thoughts on “Firmware Upgrade Method for PROBOX2 EX

  1. I want to upgrade the firmware on MBOX-S82B with Amlogic’s new S802B quad core processor (AML8726), running 1.6 -2Ghz and Android 4.4.

    I have downloaded the .zip and .exe files into the MBox s82B but I can extract the zip file and run the exe file. So I cannot launch the USB burning tool at all.

    Also the HDMI port in the Mbox s82B is not working at all – I have tested the HDMI cable and have tested the HDMI port in the TV and both are working well.

    Can you help on these two points please.

    Many thanks


    • An edit to my comment:

      I have downloaded the .zip and .exe files into the MBox s82B but I canNOT extract the zip file and run the exe file. So I cannot launch the USB burning tool at all.


    • Sorry to bother you but i have an issue never seen on the net i have an m8s s812 box but inside amlogic s802b and chip wifi ap6330 i did not find a working firmware exept one but for chip wifi bcm4335 wich worked but no wifi no bluetooth can you please help me…please


      • Hi Wilson
        I’m using Mbox S82B from the day i bought it, i mean this firmware the same with original firmware, i want to flash any new firmware for my Mbox, i hear that we can flash Android TV rom to Mbox S82b? Any idea


    • Dear sbk,

      The upgrade method should work for other Amlogic S812 players. You are better to ask manufacturer for the ROM. There is some risk to flash other rom to your TV BOX, please pay attention!



  2. Yesterday I got myself an Mbox S82B, I connected all the cables to the right ports but still I have no Image on my TV. Tried resetting my MboxS82B through the AV port but still no difference. Also connected the Mbox S82B on different HDMI ports and also on the AV port but still with the same result. Any suggestions? Should I flash the box with new firmware? Since I do not want to void any warranty if I get complaints from the supplier


  3. I bought 20 boxes of s82 from overseas. 6 of then have a bad wifi strength. When I run a speed test the speed is usually less than 2mbs. I flashed you new firmware and it seemed to help some of them. They came with firmware 8 and I flashed your 11. The wifi even zaps my iphone strength. It’s weird. Is there a fix for this? I appreciate all your info you guys provide.


  4. I bought 20 s82 boxes from overseas. They came with firmware 8. I had an issue with wifi strength. The speediest would show a strength of 1-2 Mbps. It even drains my iphone strength to 1-2 Mbps. I flashed your firmware 11 update and it seemed to fix some of them. But I still have 6 boxes that the wifi speed is just terrible. Do you know of any solutions or why this would happen? I thank you for all your info you guys put on the web. Very awesome.


  5. The password does not work for the s802-upgrade zip i downloaded. Please, what is the password?
    Why any password at all?


  6. I have tried all possible ways and not working. the unit stopped working and can not be updated. I’ve tried all the USB cable, OTG cable and always fails. the unit turns on but a permanent red light remains.


  7. hi, i bought a second hand HEVC Mbox S82B from a collegue. before yesterdag is was running fine. Last night I did the firmware update as discriped, succesfully. now the Mbox does nothing when turned on. the blue led is on, but there is nothing happening, no images, nothing. When i connect the mbox to the usb on my laptop, i can see the internal storage of the Mbox. it’s running, but not doing anything 😦 i repeated the firmware update a few times, the problem remains. firmware update with sd card is not working. the unit will not start up in the recovery mode. can you help me please???


  8. hi, i bought a MXQ 4k s905 tv box from ebay seller. yesterday is was running fine. but the dts 5.1 sound file is not working When i connect the box to the TV the message will appear no file found, but while i connect the usb drive to the laptop it is apper and working well at the sme time hd 1080p quality video file working without sound. how to solve this problem can you help me please???


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