Firmware Upgrade method of Himedia (Q5, Q10, H8)

Firmware Upgrade method of Himedia (Q5, Q10, H8):

A. Requirement:
1. Download the firmware file. Please go here.
2. Prepare a USB drive (at least 2GB or larger with FAT32  / NTFS format.)

B. Installation Instructions:
An update using this method will wipe everything on the box and restore to factory condition.

1. Extract from the download archive to the root of a USB drive. (the USB drive should contain a single file called ‘’).

2. Insert the USB drive into any USB port of the player.

3. With the player turned off, use a paper clip or pen to press and hold the the pinhole restore button on the side of the player (next to the power socket).

4. While keeping the restore button pressed, turn on the player.

5. The player will show an Android droid logo and proceed to upgrade the firmware.

6. The box will auto-reboot when finished.


Updated on 31-DEC-2015

One thought on “Firmware Upgrade method of Himedia (Q5, Q10, H8)

  1. +++++++++++

    ok 2016 09 01 today. Just updated our Q5 II EN from 1.0.3 ver firmware to 1.0.9. The box was useless for watching Chinese TV streaming, as the data source for HiTV was gone, and most of the other streaming services were blocking non mainland IP addresses.

    hope below steps can help someone else, it needs to done in series as 1.0.9 relies on 1.0.8, 1.0.8 relies on 1.0.6, 1.0.6 relies on 1.0.5

    all web pages & instructions are in Chinese, you can try google translate, or quickly find a chinese friend…

    hopefully below will be clear enough to not use either.

    0. There are 2 hardware versions of the units. eMMC or NAND memory chips.

    If your unit serial no. sticker on the bottom does not say eMMC anywhere then it’s NAND version.

    something like these Q5IIemmc.2001, NAND version just says ” Q5II.1103″

    plus looks like there are 2 variations in firmware, Chinese version, and Overseas version,

    the only difference is the extra “EN” in the device info display in Settings, and the looks like EN ver firmware look for a different default upgrade ZIP file name (more on this later).

    1. goto himedia official firmware download forum.

    1.0.5 download

    MAKE SURE you download the correct ZIP file for your HARDWARE version.

    Q5II eMMC open the folder Q5II-EMMC-2014-01-07

    NAND ver open the folder Q5II-2014-01-11

    (the download kept cutting off around 30-40mb, so use the Baidu cloud drive windows tool, it supports re-download)

    Full description & instructions:

    2. once you have the ZIP file. DO NOT touch it.

    copy it to root folder of any USB drive.

    3. This is the tricky part for people with english version firmware (like me).

    the firmwares you just downloaded are Chinese version with a default file name of

    the EN version firmware we have are actually looking for

    so what i did was create a copy of the same zip file, and renamed it

    so i had both zip files in the USB drive.

    4. Now you can continue with the firmware update steps/ instructions as per original instructions. Either through the Settings >> Firmware Update or Hold reset button on power on.

    Plug in the USB

    Goto Settings >> Last option “Update” >> USB D (i put it in the USB1 slot)

    The box will ask you if you are sure about running the update or not.

    Once you agree, it will reboot and go into the

    Android robot with open stomache screen.

    It will reboot after installing the update.

    the box will boot up in Chinese, you can goto settings (gear icon on screen), and goto language settings menu to change it back to english.

    5. You can then repeat the process for ver 1.0.6

    1.0.6 download link

    (make sure you choose the Correct Q5II eMMC or no eMMC zip file)

    NOTE: since you have already updated it to CHINESE firmware,

    you do not need to rename the zip file to anymore.

    1.0.8 password dci2

    info source page.

    1.0.9 password 56pk

    info source page.

    6. again after each update, it may default to Chinese again. change it back in Settings.

    7. Next part is how to solve no Chinee TV streaming (the built-in mango TV thing does not look like a TV streaming service)

    basically i downloaded and installed moliTV app

    (you can direct download the APK on your Windows PC and copy it to a USB drive and install from USB)

    anyone have better Chinese TV streaming app or service pls share it!


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