UK Warehouse service – ***now available to 27 European countries*** – No VAT – for all PROBOX2’s products!


Recently due to the sales volume of PROBOX2’s products increase for United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. We would like to provide better shipping solution to these countries like to have faster delivery time and VAT included.

On 4-May we have announced to provide UK warehouse service for all PROBOX2’s products, this services is available for 5 countries (United Kingdom / Germany / Spain / Italy / France) and today (22-Jun) we are pleased to announced that it extends to 22 European countries* including (Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / Greece / Hungary / Ireland / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Slovakia / Slovenia / Sweden).

Available Countries & VAT Included (Available on 4-May-2016):
United Kingdom (2-3 delivery days)
Germany (5-6 delivery days)
Spain  (5-6 delivery days)
Italy (5-6 delivery days)
France (5-6 delivery days)

*Available Countries (22 European countries) & VAT Included (Available on 22-Jun-2016):
Austria (6-8 delivery days)
Belgium (6-8 delivery days)
Bulgaria (6-8 delivery days)
Cyprus (6-8 delivery days)
Czech Republic (6-8 delivery days)
Denmark (6-8 delivery days)
Estonia (6-8 delivery days)
Finland (6-8 delivery days)
Greece (6-8 delivery days)
Hungary (6-8 delivery days)
Ireland (6-8 delivery days)
Latvia (6-8 delivery days)
Lithuania (6-8 delivery days)
Luxembourg (6-8 delivery days)
Malta (6-8 delivery days)
Netherlands (6-8 delivery days)
Poland (6-8 delivery days)
Portugal (6-8 delivery days)
Romania (6-8 delivery days)
Slovakia (6-8 delivery days)
Slovenia (6-8 delivery days)
Sweden (6-8 delivery days)


Available Products*:
PROBOX2 EX+ with Remote+
PROBOX2 Z with Remote+
PROBOX2 Remote+

  • If you purchase with other items including options items, it is not available for UK warehouse service.


How to use UK Warehouse service?
1. Make sure that you are in “Available countries” and selected “Available products”.
2. Select “Require UK Warehouse service” on option as below:


Updated on 2016-06-22

2 thoughts on “UK Warehouse service – ***now available to 27 European countries*** – No VAT – for all PROBOX2’s products!

  1. Olá. Tenho uma Probox2 Ex que mandei vir de Hong Kong há 2 ou 3 anos. Na altura tive que pagar na alfândega para poder receber a box. Agora queria encomendar a Probox 2 Air Plus mas sem que fique outra vez na alfândega. É possível?


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