PROBOX2 Air – “1-click swap UI” feature – Powered by PROBOX2 APEX UI / LAUNCHER


Built-in devices: Air


⬤  Designed in Sweden and developed in JUL-2016

⬤  One page navigation – User can more easily to use Remote controller to open their app(s) by selecting block icon or shortcut app list.

⬤  Built-in Weather widget (sync with Yahoo! Weather) by input your country / city.

⬤  Built-in Task Killer to clear the memory and apps not in use.

⬤ “1-click swap UI” concept TV Box (PROBOX2 APEX UI & Any of your favorite UI), deliver a double up experience and endless flexibility.


⬤ Eject USB storage device(s) by selecting USB icon on the left bottom side.

⬤ Support 16 languages* including English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Deutsch, Hebrew,  Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese. More languages will be added.


Source: PROBOX2


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