PROBOX2 Air – 20160930 (2nd firmware release) (by OTA) – Added “Root Access”!!!

Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)
Version: PROBOX2-Air-20160930
Release date: 30-Sep-2016
Upgrade method: here.

List of bugs fixed / changes:

1. Added Root Access
2. Hidden virtual keyboard after input the WIFI password by IR Remote controller on Welcome Wizard Screen.
3. Fixed languages other than English could not be displayed correctly on Kodi. (Will be effective after reset the device to factory setting, these will erase all your data / installed apps. We strongly recommend you to do the backup before reset! Or you can fix this problem without reset, go here. )probox2-air-fw-20160930 probox2-air-fw-20160930-root-01 probox2-air-fw-20160930-root-02


Source from PROBOX2:

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