PROBOX2 Air – Android 6 Marshmallow – Adoptable Storage (SD card as Portable card / Internal Storage)


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Supported Model: PROBOX2 Air Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduces Adoptable Storage. Adoptable Storage enables a user to set up their SD card / USB Drive as internal storage, and store applications, their data, and media on an adopted SD card / … Continue reading

Firmware Upgrade method of Himedia (Q5, Q10, H8)

Firmware Upgrade method of Himedia (Q5, Q10, H8):

A. Requirement:
1. Download the firmware file. Please go here.
2. Prepare a USB drive (at least 2GB or larger with FAT32  / NTFS format.)

B. Installation Instructions:
An update using this method will wipe everything on the box and restore to factory condition.

1. Extract from the download archive to the root of a USB drive. (the USB drive should contain a single file called ‘’).

2. Insert the USB drive into any USB port of the player.

3. With the player turned off, use a paper clip or pen to press and hold the the pinhole restore button on the side of the player (next to the power socket).

4. While keeping the restore button pressed, turn on the player.

5. The player will show an Android droid logo and proceed to upgrade the firmware.

6. The box will auto-reboot when finished.


Updated on 31-DEC-2015

How to upgrade firmware of PROBOX2 EX?


Preparation Download the firmware and upgrade tool as below: A. Latest PROBOX2 EX firmware Download here: Extract the zip file and you will get a .img file (for firmware upgrade on Procedure section below) B. Upgrade tool Download … Continue reading